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Rectangular Desk Top Surface

CavilUSA Office Desks

5 Years Warranty

Add style, sophistication and functionality to any office space with the click of a button with a little help from one of our best selling premium desk tops. With a choice of eight stunning finishes, you’ll be able to effortlessly complement any existing decor to create the perfect working environment. Ideal when you want a functional, productive and elegant workspace that allows everyone to focus on what they do best. When it’s time to get things done without delay, we simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rectangular Desk Top Surface

Partners Cost:25MM 24"x48" 1-10 $63.62 10+ $50.90
25MM 24"x60" 1-10 $79.50 10+ $63.60
25MM 24"x66" 1-10 $87.50 10+ $70.00
25MM 30"x48" 1-10 $79.50 10+ $63.60
25MM 30"x60" 1-10 $99.25 10+ $79.40
25MM 30"x66" 1-10 $109.25 10+ $87.40

Current Stock: 25MM 24"x48" - 200
25MM 24"x60" - 200
25MM 24"x66" - 200
25MM 30"x48" - 200
25MM 30"x60" - 200
25MM 30"x66" - 200

Stock FOB Elizabeth, NJ


Contemporary design always catches the eye for the right reasons
Lightweight construction is ultra-durable durable and easy to install
Dimensions: 48” x 30” — perfect for a variety of different workspaces
Top Thickness: 1" — the perfect combination of style and durability
Melamine Laminate Tops are hardwearing and withstand repeated use
Perfect For Commercial Or Home Use when you want nothing but quality
CARB Compliant, Environmental Friendly, Greengard, and Antimicrobial
Made in Brazil by masters of their craft when nothing but true quality is enough

Carton Height: 2"
Carton Depth: 32"
Carton Width: 50"
Carton Weight: 60 lb
Product Weight: 46 lb

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