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Leef Chair Cognac Leather

by Cavaletti Brazil

Model No. CVIL1009

5 Years Warranty on Parts Only

Leef is an executive armchair featuring soft light brown leather that perfectly infuses a distinctive and up-to-date style into a business setting. It’s notable for its aesthetic minimalism and inventive features. These include seat depth adjustment, pneumatic lift to calibrate the chair’s height, lumbar support that will eliminate back pain, and 4D movable arms capable of ensuring optimal back comfort, whether you're working for a few minutes or a few hours.

Leef is a chair known for its visual simplicity and a perfect combination of innovative resources, able to guarantee maximum back comfort, be it for short or long periods, anywhere you may be working.

Leef Chair Cognac Leather

Partners Cost $461.45

Current Stock: 0

Stock FBO Elizabeth, NJ

Cognac Color Leather
Executive Model
4D Adjustable Arms
Soft Leather
Hard Casters
Pneumatic Lift Adjusts the Height of the Chair
Adjustable Lumbar
High Back
Seat Depth Adjustment
Made in Brazil

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